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DEPROGRAMMER (Site) Have you noticed lately the mass amounts of “punk” band hitting the airwaves that make a living out of whining about their love lives and how they don’t fit in? Well, you can relax, because it seems that Deprogrammer (Hanson, MA...made up of former members of 8 Ball Shifter and Headshot) is taking a more traditional approach to their music with fast and raw vocals and even faster and rawer guitars (that’s right, not a whine to be heard!). Just two songs into the disc, I took careful notice to the lyrics “The Deprogrammer’s here to rescue you”, and let’s face it, after that I wanted to make sure that this could be true… Well, if rescue they meant from the aforementioned music that seems to be of a ridiculous abundance, then they kind of did. I liked the simple realness of this band, and while I may not ever proclaim it as a favorite, it’ll definitely get a spin in the old CD player every now and then. – Bryana Robinson



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