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DEAD CITY SHAKERS- Ship of Beggars (Zero Youth Records) PSYCHO-Fuckin-BILLY, motherfuckers! I can easily picture the sweat flying off these Texas cats as they crank this ripping audio candy right the fuck out. Musically, they’re tight as a Chinese virgin, but I think I’d like this disc a lot more if they had a lead singer who didn’t sound like a professional wrestler. It’s not a deal breaker, but if somebody in the vocal realm of, say, Jim Heath (Rev. Horton Heat) was leading the charge, I probably wouldn’t be able to get Ship of Beggars out of my heavy play rotation for a long time. My favorites on Ship of Beggars include the blistering “Payin’ Dues in Blood” and “ Dead City ,” both of which just knock the fuck out of shit. The title track is pretty damn good, too. Lyrically, the laid-back “Cliff’s Song,” the tale of a hard-working, decent dude dedicated to his family, is surprisingly poignant. And “Crimson Hands” is mildly disturbing but also sort of feels like it’s scratching an itch at the same time. If you pick this up, be sure to blast through the 10-odd minutes of dead air that lead to the “bonus track” at the end. You’ll be rewarded with a very fun instrumental that I’d most definitely include in the score of Pop. 1280 if it ever was redone as an American movie and I was putting the soundtrack together for it. –Ben Hunter



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