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DARKBUSTER/TOMMY & THE TERRORS- Split CD (Rodent Popsicle) My friend Pete said he hears a lot of sadness coming from the Darkbuster songs on this disc, and I agree with him. I think a lot of this sadness is probably on the listenerís part, mostly because Darkbuster (admittedly my favorite Boston band- at least among the bands I donít personally know very well - of the last couple years) recently called it quits. Their 5 songs on this CD all have varying degrees of that special something that makes Darkbuster such an instantly likeable band- interesting, salt of the earth subject matter, great sing-a-long vocals and solid, well constructed thoroughly punk rock songs. Hereís how it breaks down: "The Hammer Song" is a balls out rocker condemning tough guy assholes who throw their weight around at shows. "Danny Boy" is about a wayward young man trying to get things together. "Bomb" (my favorite of the CD) looks at a working stiff desperate to have a better life. "Not Guilty" is classic Darkbuster- a woeful yet compelling tale about being falsely arrested for driving under the influence. Their last song, "Good Times," is a drunken sing-a-long extolling the value of, well, good times. It closes with the line "may our routes one day cross again." To Lenny and the other Darkbuster guys, I hope to hell they do.
       Sharing a disc with Darkbuster carries with it both the blessing of the added exposure youíll get and the curse of the inevitable comparisons dipshits like me will make between the two bands. My bandís first single was a song called "Gilded Cock." The flip side of the record featured an awesome song by Penis Fly Trap called "Moon Rock." When reviewers rightfully gave more praise to the ĎTrapís song, it stung a little bit, and I have to imagine this is happening to Tommy & The Terrors. These guys have an energetic two-guitar attack and they nicely mix in some anthemic punk rock choruses. I can easily picture them riling up the all-ages crowds at the VFWs and K of Cs around town. Standing alone, their 4 songs sound respectable. But when you compare these cuts to the Darkbuster stuff, you can see that at this point they really donít have that special something that makes a group stand out above the rest. At least not yet. ĖBen Hunter


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