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DARKBUSTER- 22 Songs That You’ll Never Want To Hear Again (Band Site) Every year, a very select few cds achieve a venerated status of being great enough to make it to the top shelf of my cd rack. I keep my favorites on the top shelf because they are easily accessible and are the ones I listen to the most. So far this year, only two cds (Medveds and Flogging Molly) have found home on that top shelf. Make that three. Darkbuster is now one of the few top shelfers.  This disc is jam packed with 22 drunk punk songs that center on drinking beer, being annoyed with others, losers, and other acts of debauchery. Lenny Lashley’s “everyday guy’s” vocals not only beautifully typify the bands drunken/underachiever/fuck you attitude, but they are laced with a thick Boston accent! Lenny is also one hell of a punk rock guitarist. There are horns played in some songs that give a touch of ska to the deeply rooted punk sound. “That’s Correct” starts things off with one man’s annoyance with his lying girlfriend. The boys hilariously poke fun at hairy arm pitted female performers in “Lillith Fair” Every beer drinker is sure to enjoy the two punked out famous beer commercial jingles “Bud” and “Miller.” Let’s not forget the multi second, yet just as entertaining, songs “Jerk,” “Lenny’s a Drunk,” ”You Jerk,” “and “You Fucking Jerk.” Learn why the guys are annoyed with two other bands in  “I Hate The Unseen” and “Amazing Royal Shaft,” the latter which bassist Mike Gurley sings. If you’re not in the mood to go out for the night while listening to this disc, you will be after hearing the punkenly festive “Pub.” It only took one listen to realize that “Hometown Zero” is one of my all time favorite songs ever. Hey, as great as this disc is, Darkbuster is even better live. This cd is one of those prized possessions you pass along to your children as a family heirloom– Denis Sheehan (picture taken from the band's site)




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