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DANCE HALL CRASHERS - Live Record; Witless Banter and 25 Mildly Antagonistic Songs of Love (Pink & Black Records, P.O. Box 190516, San Francisco, CA 94119)(Band Site) Concert recordings are always kind of frustrating: either the energy of the show is utterly lacking from the CD or it's captured well-enough that you wish you were actually at the club and not listening to your stereo.  Furthermore, live versions of the songs you know and love from the studio releases are often vastly different and make for a disappointing listen.  There have certainly been examples of killer live discs -- Bullet LaVolta's Gimme Danger, The Runaways Live in Japan!, The Stones' Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out,  etc. -- but, by and large, concert discs don't get much repeat action in my CD changer. However, this release is certainly fun enough to make me wish I had been at the performance but, unlike so many concert albums, it also stands alone as a worthwhile listen.  The songs are among the hookiest and most infectious out there.  Well-crafted harmonies and tasteful amounts of ska, punk, r&b, and rock mix with the undeniable pop flavor of The Live Record , making for 72 of the most thoroughly enjoyable musical minutes of the summer.  Those familiar with DHC know what to expect and probably already have this; everyone else -- don't be such a cheap bastard and go spend the 10 or 15 bucks it'll take to get your hands on this.-Chris Wissmuller


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