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- Chewbacalypse Now (Entertainment Experiment) I had to listen to this CD about four different times before I could even begin to decide what to say about it…and I’m still not completely sure. 
    Doug Porter on guitar and vocals, Jason LaFrance on bass, and Adam Cogswell on drums make up Confusatron.  And Chewbacalypse Now is an eight-song, Atari meets punk embodiment.  Originating from Maine, I think that Confusatron is what you would get if you genetically spliced Frank Zappa, Primus, the Saturday morning cartoons, and the arcade game Tron. 
    Porter, LaFrance, and Cogswell are each gifted musicians, and that’s obvious throughout this recording.  The production is crisp and strong, and to say each of these songs is ‘progressive’ would be the understatement of the year.  This isn’t the kind of disc you throw on when you want something to sing along to, but if you’re looking for something a little left of mainstream, or are just in the mood for something weirdly different once in awhile, Confusatron’s Chewbacalypse Now is definitely something to hear.
-Melanie Falina



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