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- Talk Is The New Action (Windjam) After 3 full listens to Talk Is The New Action I’m still not sure how in tarnation I really feel about this.   These are the hardest damn reviews to write (I know, boo-fuckin’-hoo, right?).  The Collisions sort of run the gamut between gritty alt-rock and occasional slices of Eastern European chicanery.  Sounds weird, but it kind of all fits together.  Some of the melodies make me feel good and I hear cool lyrical bursts at times, yet I’m not completely hooked.  Fickle fucker that I am, I imagine that if I saw these guys live I’d nod my head a bit and smile some, but when they were finished I doubt I’d go up to the band, slap ‘em on the shoulders (I don’t even think I’d slap ‘em in their faces, come to think of it) and ask if they had anything for sale.  –Ben Hunter



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