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COLEKO- Staywell Clinic (Cool Guy Records, POB 2361, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670) The twisted cover shot (four young children- each missing his or her left hand- clad only in underwear that must have been picked up at the Salvation Army) made this the first disc I listened to when I got my batch of CDs to review for this issue of Askew.  Coleko comes at you full-bore with a pounding, heavy, relentless two-guitar/bass/drum attack on this 10-song effort.  While I would hate to be confronted with this stuff if I had a hangover, I think it would be the perfect soundtrack if I was out committing senseless acts of vandalism (and in no way am I implying that Coleko shares my former youthful passion).  A lot of the songs have a weird mixture of crash-banging off-tempo parts, sometimes screamed and sometimes sung vocals, and some really cool, hard to resist hooks.  Track three, “Bubba Norris,” is a perfect example of this smooth-versed/chaotic-chorused sound.  In this way they remind of late ‘80s/early ‘90s Texas madmen rockers Ed Hall.  The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced my friend Larry, who just moved out to Coleko’s Southern California turf, would really like these guys.  In fact, I’m going to send him this disc- and I just might tape it for myself first. – Ben Hunter


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