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- Pink Razors (Fat Wreck) I feel like a dick for writing this, but after my first listen to Pink Razors, I thought this would be one of my favorites of 2005 if only they had a different vocalist (Ben Weasel came to mind as an admirable substitute).  Singer/guitarist K.J. Jansen writes some good goddamn songs.  They rock with the ripping edge of a rusty razor blade, are fun as all get out and most clock in around the golden 2-minute mark.  That said, Jansen’s vocals have that sort of pop punk inflection and phrasing that generally just gets on my tits.  (But, weirdly enough, at times he sounds just like Lenny from Darkbuster, and I do love Lenny’s voice).  What a fuckin’ quandary.  So I listened to the disc a few more times, and lo and behold, the vocals actually started to grow on me.  Pretty soon I realized that the opening track, “Welcome To The Daiso,” an infectious thumper about Jansen’s discount store of choice, is now one of my current favorite songs.   “Jimmy The Con,” tells of an ex-con who ran for mayor of Calgary (in Canada- that’s where these guys are from) in 1989, and it rules too. “You’re Pretty Good,” (about lukewarm praise received after a show), “Geocities Kitty” (Internet dating adventure) and “J Crew” (clash between 2 modern youth subcultures) are also all interesting, clever and a blast to sing along with.  The “hidden” track at the end finds the band boozing it up and listening to/talking over a replay of the entire CD.  It’s entertaining- though I don’t think I could listen to it all the way through more than once- and makes me think these guys would be cool to drink beer and swap stories with.  Hell, baby, I wouldn’t have thunk it after my first listen, but Pink Razors actually is one of my favorite releases this year just as it is. –Ben Hunter



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