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CHAZ HALO (Site) Chaz Halo is a white trash poet with a truck driving father.  At least, that's what he says in one of the sizzling tunes on this, his second home made slab of rock'n'roll, punkier than the first one, with not quite as many hooks, but just as satisfying in the end.  11 songs in just over 30 minutes, with this sort of Phil Spector-ish "wall of guitars" thing happening, and the singing is raw and real.  It feels like he's right in the room with you, screaming in your face, and you'd better be dancing, 'cause he's not going away.  Which is not to say that the recording doesn't sound professional; it does.  But, it's raw and fresh, with plenty of bite.  Kinda like sushi with plenty of wasabi.
     In addition to 9 originals, mostly about the girl from the detox ward he seems to have fallen madly in love with, he does two covers here:  an understatedly faithful version of Nick Gilder's glammy "Hot Child In The City", and a red hot pop/punk re-arrangement of Little Richard's "Jenny Jenny" (guess what Chaz's girlfriend's name is).  Fans of Chaz's former band, The Dimestore Halos, will dig this, as will anyone with an ear for a good tune and a need to boogie.
Chaz has released this on his own Black Nipple Records, and you can get it by visiting his website, or emailing him. - Brain Mosher



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