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- So Pretty (Primary Voltage) A lot of teenage girls must feel this way after being talked into sex for the first time by their overanxious, fumbling young man.  It just wasn’t what I was expecting; nothing like the glorious, sensual pleasure I get from sliding my delicate fingers over my soft, downy lovetrail toward my glistening, quivering womanhood (wait, sorry- I just realized this isn’t the letter I’m ghostwriting for Penthouse Forum).  Anyhow, the buzz and the hype surrounding the Charms in and around Boston over the last few months made me very interested in hearing them.  After taking one look at the brilliantly suggestive, vaguely dirty CD cover of So Pretty and reading some very provocative blurbs from their press sheet, I was nearly gagging for it.  Female-fronted, ‘60s garage pop meets ‘80s guitar rock, and a lot of people seem to love it.  How could I not be completely into this?  Six songs later and I was done with my initial listen.  Not bad, pretty hooky in places and overall a respectable EP.  But why in THE fuck is everybody so goddamn excited about this?  I guess I’ll leave that to the experts and get back to gently rocking back and forth over the delightful gushings of the hot tub jets, little moans of ecstasy escaping my lips…-Ben Hunter 



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