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THE CASUALTIES- Die Hards (Side One Dummy) The cover depicts four guys wearing studded leather looking all mean like. Two of the dudes sport huge multi-colored Mohawks while the other two have shorter spiked hair. Tough looking punk crew indeed. Now, are they for real? Do they have the nuts to back up this punk look with their music? Hell ya they do! No surprise really; they’ve been doing this for almost ten years. The music is fast. The music is punk. The vocals consist of the lead singer’s raspy voice and yelling backing vocals that beg for you to sing along. Since all the songs are flat out punk, I’m not going to pick and choose songs to write about. Just know this, they’re all good. You know, in a way I was hoping these guys failed to back up their look. That way, I could have made fun of them. Fans of The Exploited will dig this band. Good punk cd. – Denis Sheehan


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