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BURIED IN LEATHER- We Are Gone (Teenage Heart Records) GODDAMN! This is the musical equivalent of a bunch of dope fiends knockin’ seven kinds of shite out of each other in a bar fight. With chainsaws, even. Fuckin’ chaos, my friends. Seriously- if this rocked any harder somebody’s balls would explode (and I wouldn’t doubt that this sonic assault hasn’t already caused such a thing). Eight tracks total here and all of ‘em are relentless, bone crushing and furious. And the vocals, as you may expect by now, are absolutely pulverizing. I can barely make out what this enraged sumbitch is screaming about, but it doesn’t really matter. Regardless of what the actual words mean, it just feels like he’s willing you to crack a pool cue over some poor sap’s already hemorrhaging skull. (And for some reason I feel like the victim of this assault would be a slippery character with a name like Cecil). Lord have mercy. –Ben Hunter


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