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- See You in Court (Site) Hold everything, stop the presses, let me make sure I’ve got this right:  intelligent pop music with honest to goodness hooks and lyrics that talk about real life situations without resorting to clichés?  Can it be true?  Yes, indeed.  The Buckners deliver the goods, boys and girls.  Right from the opening number, with the rhythm guitar playing a variation of Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane”, this 6-song collection is everything I like in a pop record.  Part Big Star, part Gigolo Aunts; part jangle-pop, part post punk; part story-song, part introspective soul-searching.  The guitar interplay is at on! ce beautiful and ballsy.  The vocals are real, with harmonies that make you want to sing along, just like you did when you were 13.  I like this record a whole heckuvalot. - Brian Mosher



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