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- Certain Uncertainty (Brikhaus Records) Is the term “violent pothead” an oxymoron?  Sure seems like it, but Brunt of It somehow manage to combine the fist-in-the-face intensity of your average sub-normal boot boy with the ska-inspired doobage vibe of Sublime.  Seriously- these Rhode Islanders are so goddamn energetic they make me tired just listening to them.  It’s sort of the sonic equivalent of my frenzied reaction to a bee flying deep into my ear when I was 7 years old. (I yelled for my friend Matt to help me, but all he did was cup his hand around my ear and shout, “GET OUT!”  Damn thing never did come out, though).  Yes sir, this shit really cooks.  My favorites on Certain Uncertainty are probably “Desperate Times” (relentless basher with powerful verses) and “Those Were the Days” (ska-infused romp with a great chorus that takes a trip down Hardcore memory lane).  Manic and quite listenable.  –Ben Hunter

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