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- I Told U Once (Street Anthem Records) If you like Sham 69 better than Gang of Four, you’ll probably like this. If you’ve ever lied to someone while high on cocaine, this disc is for you.  If you’ve ever chewed on a pimiento and then realized it was a bloody snot, you can’t go wrong here.  If you’ve ever thought about having sex with your cousin, you could listen to this while indulging that fantasy.  If you’re looking for something new or original with this release, you’re not going to find it.  But if you like traditionally-themed street punk with occasional helpings of old school ska, then you probably won’t give a fuck that these guys aren’t reinventing the wheel here.  If I had to pick a favorite on I Told U Once, I’d most likely choose the opener, “Sick,” a pounding, tough guy duet that’s impossible not to like (despite the puking at the end).  And if you’re ready for me to shut the hell up already, you’ve got your wish. –Ben Hunter

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