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- Paul, the Album (Fudge Sickill)  Knuckleheads. Yep, nothin’ but knuckleheads.  Three of ‘em, from Chicago’s suburbs. Damn knuckleheads, every one of them.  Ok, here’s the sound: toned down A New Found Glory, which as it turns out is pretty good.  Vocals that aren’t as whiney, speed is about the same, but it all evens out to a catchy fun romp. Yes, “Paul, the Album” is a romp.  The sense of humor on these guys is only compared to the friends you won’t admit to associating with in high school. Don’t have those friends? Well then guess what dumbass.  It’s funny, not Dynamite Boy funny, but keggers and giving your friends stupid nicknames funny.  Give ‘em a listen. –David Morgan   


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