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- Set Sail For Sodomy (Refugee Records) When I first laid me tired old eyes upon this rum soaked tribute to all things pirate-y (13 songs total), I wasn’t sure if Brine & Bastards could actually pull it off. And perhaps some of this doubt I had was based on the time my band played a disastrous booze cruise, dressed like pirates, the rocking of the boat causing us to absolutely butcher our attempt at opening up with a turbo charged version of “Gilligan’s Island ,” and it only got worse from there. We were also constantly heckled by the wasted group of John Hancock office drones out on their annual summer excursion who made up the majority of our audience. Thinking about it still makes me shudder. But I imagine if Brine & Bastards had been in our place, they would’ve fared much better (and had a lot more fun, I’m sure). I think this is because these scallywags are genuinely into this incorrigible buccaneer thingio, and their enthusiasm for it is infectious.  When you combine this with the fact that they also write some fun, punky, catchy numbers that seamlessly reflect their overriding penchant for seafarin’ rambunctiousness, they come off as distinctly more than just a novelty act. Raggedly charming sing-a-longs like “A Pirate’s Life’s For Me,” “Spanish Prison” and “Whiskey Johnny” and the inherently good humored “Overboard” make Set Sail For Sodomy worth its weight in, if not doubloons, then at least a fish sandwich or two from Long John Silver’s. This disc actually came out last year, and after checking out their Myspace page (, I found that they’ve come up with some more good stuff recently. And I bet they’d do one helluva job on the Gilligan’s Island Theme. –Ben Hunter

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