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- No Voice Will Go Unheard (Spent Records) I just learned that these guys are good friends of another band I know and like, making it seem sort of as if theyíre distant cousins Iíve never met or something.  Itís created a bit of a quandary for me because I now feel inclined to say something nice about them.  So okay, hereís something nice: I really liked the 9th song on the disc (there are 11 in all), ďEveryday.Ē  Itís fast, catchy, garage-y carrying on with a nifty little break towards the end.  Good stuff.  The rest of No Voice Will Go Unheard, unfortunately, doesnít do a helluva lot for me.  Yeah, there are some bright spots here and there, and the energy is generally pretty good, but a lot of it is kinda emo-tinged punk rock that I just may be too old to fully appreciate.  Itís the kind of thing that Iím sure their pals may like simply because they know them, but seeing as how Iím just some fool who ainít really an acquaintance, the beauty is sort of lost on me. ĖBen Hunter



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