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THE BOMBSHELLS- Audio Wasteland (Bombshells Music) Had Motley Crue started out as a mid-to-late ‘70s, Johnny Thunders-inspired punk-n-roll band, they probably would’ve put out songs like The Bombshells (at least tracks like “She Shot Me Down,” “My Kind of Love” and “Who’s Driving You Home”).  You know; real ass-shakin’, L.A. pussyfest type stuff.  And like gonorrhea or a cocaine-encrusted bloody nose, this kind of thing can have its perverse charms.  But happily enough, The Bombshells aren’t totally locked into this aforementioned sound.  They tackle some standard punk scene fare, but their knack for also coming up with songs that both musically and lyrically tug at the heart strings a bit while rockin’ the fuck out is my favorite thing about these guys.  “Cellophane Heart” and especially “Nothing Left,” the disc’s closer and standout track, prove that these characters are more than just boozing, tattooed, muff-diving party boys, and that’s a good thing. –Ben Hunter



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