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- The Orange and the Black (TKO Records) As I digitally pen this review, I must bloviate that my beloved Bruins have just soundly spanked the Philadelphia Flyers 6-3, who have also thrown in the towel for the season after trading their star player Peter Forsberg. Like the Bruins, the Flyers have seen better days and hoping to get a little fan base action happening, the team contacted The Boils about a fight song; the result is this six song ep. Hey, the Dropkick Murphys/Bruins/Red Sox allegiance was successful, so why the hell not? The songs are certainly less punk than previous Boils efforts, but still hold enough edge that can get a stadium full of Flyer fans singing while pumping their fists in the air. All songs have an anthem feel with inviting gang vocals. "The Orange and the Black" open the disc with resounding lyrics "Wake up Philadelphia …" while "Warriors on the Ice" has a grittier sound, with heavy guitars, than the rest of the cd. "It's the Life for Me" falls into the ska pit and "Bullies" pays homage to Philly fans and the Flyers early 70's badass reputation. Unlike Pelle Lindberg, this ep won't be hitting the wall any time soon (nothing like a 25 year old reference to close a cd review). – Denis Sheehan



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