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-Death of a Salesman (Site) When a band graces its CD with a great cover like you see to the left, that band’s music had better at least equal the adorning cover. Hailing from Boston , The Blue Bloods not only equalled their cover, they knocked the shyt out of it with their insanely energetic punk rock, making me basically forget how much I love that great cover. The music runs along the side of “anthem punk,” but doesn’t fall into the typically repetitive sound that victimizes most anthem punk bands. Although there is a fair share of gang vocals and whoas sprinkled about to help get the blood pumping, The Blue Bloods forge each song with its own sense of energy, charisma, and distinct sound. Bravo! To me, the driving forces behind the songs are the guitars and lead vocals, while the drums and bass will thump your skull harder than a disgruntled Los Angeles police officer. Gotta love team work. I do like all the songs, with the highlight of the disc being Alec Baldwin’s verbiage from “Glengarry Glen Ross,” introing “Road Rage,” which seamlessly morphs into “True West.” Truly stunning. I’ve never seen these guys play live, but I’d expect nothing less than a churning mass in front of the stage, with plenty of pumping fists-with a fork pitcher or two thrown in- and an over abundance of sweaty, smelly arm pits. – Denis Sheehan



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