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- Track III (Band Site) Politically charged-to say the least- punk rock with a hint of hard rock. The music sounds like a poor man’s hybrid of early Suicidal Tendencies and Fear. The music is hard, fast, and catchy as hell, while the vocals are a bit raw sounding and very, hmmm, undefined maybe. It sounds like singer Carlos is more concerned with getting his message out than singing style. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t sound like shyt, but it does take a few songs to get use to him. These guys hit all the political hotspots, the Middle East, the death penalty, civil liberties, etc. Since the lyrics come across as preachy, you may be annoyed with Blowback if all you’re looking for from your music is music. However, if you like your music hard and with an opinion/message, you’ll dig these guys. – Denis Sheehan




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