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BLOODHAG- Hell Bent for Letters (Alternative Tentacles) Normally, I do not mention the press sheet that comes with CDs, but when I first read Bloodhag's press sheet labeling the music as "edu-core," I was amused by the bands elitist behavior thinking what they do is educational. Well, as I read on, the sheet declares that the band is made up of three authors and some occult dude and the music is about other authors and literacy. Wow, I guess I should have taken Mr. Infancellie's (high school teacher) advice to read something in it's entirety before passing judgment. Now, the music is very hardcore and impossible to understand, so I honestly have no idea of the message. However, the music is lightening fast and hard hitting. The vocals are of the "hey, your mouth is too close to the mic" variety. Good stuff if you like it fast and rough. - Denis Sheehan



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