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(Teenage Heart Records) This CD fell victim to my messy car, in which it became lost for a few months. Sad, really, as I like the disc and have therefore deprived myself of good music when it was truly unnecessary. As I listened to Blood Vessels, I was struck with a sense of familiarity that had me recalling the good ol' days while still being interested by their original sound. The music has a newer street grit punk sound, with Niff's vocals reminding me of some Rollins era Black Flag (think My War) and a tempo more akin to early Misfits. Some of the songs even have that Greg Ginn sound and often tear into unruly solos. "Catholic Zombies" open the CD with some nasty guitars, which are quickly overcome with mental case drums by a fellow named Sputnik. The majority of the tunes are fast and sure to fill your blood vessels with rushing hemoglobin, while slower songs such as "So Long" and "Complacency" may allow you to catch your breath. On the other hand, if the beat heard in "Primal Urge" doesn't get you to at least bob your head and stomp a foot, well, music just isn’t your thing. I'll tell you, it is Boston bands like Blood Vessels that make me drag my aging arse out at night and compounds my uselessness at work the next day. – Denis Sheehan



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