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BLOOD FOR BLOOD- Wasted Youth Brew (Victory Records) After an approx year long absence, this Boston Band got back together to record a live benefit show at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA Jan 6, 2001. Not only is that 11 song set on this cd, but you’ll also find fourteen rare/hard to find releases, b-sides, and songs from various compilation cds. Over 70 minutes of aggressive punk that screams nasty attitude, and drinking, is a sure bet to deafen you more than you already are..huh?  “Goin’ Down the Bar,” with it’s numerous “drink, drink, drink!” chants just might invoke a little boozin’.  “No Friend of Mine” (Slapshot cover) is the meanest sounding song, musically and lyrically, I’ve heard in a long arse time. I have no friggin idea what is being sung in “Paper Gangster,” but it sure is damn cool. Fast, insane, and great beat (?). The only thing I have to say concerning the live tracks (sound quality and energy is awesome) is you can bet I’ll be checking out Blood for Blood live as soon as I can. Very cool, very hard, very mean. You gotta love Boston Hardcore. – Denis Sheehan


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