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- living in blue (Lucid Records) So, there is this ongoing joke between me and my friends that I’m too much of “non-conformist”, especially when it comes to the music I listen to. So hell, if that means enjoying bands such as the Blackouts, then I really don’t want to be mainstream!
     Having been compared by other reviewers to the likes of the Strokes, the White Stripes, and a personal fav, Kings of Leon, their style and grace helps bring so much more than a simple comparison. Also, included on the album is about 15 minutes or so of concert footage. And though the video is slightly grainy, and the sound quality a tad amateur (could be my poor, old computer is suppose…), this looks like a pretty decent show to attend. There is a tremendous energy here that is being released from not only the band, but the fans, which really, any good show requires.
     All in all, the Blackout’s album is rock n’ roll in one of it’s finest forms. Fresh, raw, and full of energy, this is one band that, hell, I’ll suck it up and say I’d like to see go a little more mainstream. Then at least more people would enjoy their sound.- Bryana Robinson



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