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- Everyday is a Sunday Evening (Lucid Records) For some reason these guys seemed like the poor man’s Caesars at first listen. (That’s plain ol’ Caesars, not Thee Mighty Caesars, though bofe rule for separate reasons. Nothing like talking about other bands to piss off the band actually being reviewed.  Sorry Blackouts, from here on I’ll try to make it all about you).  Subsequent listens make me wonder why the hell I thought that.  The Blackouts play ‘60s style, sorta bluesy garage rock with a modern twist, and I like that.  Track 2, “Gotta Go Somewhere Else,” is not about being denied the use your bathroom of choice.  It does, however, remind me a little bit of the Syndicate of Sound’s all-time classic “Little Girl.”  Definitely a keeper.  A couple songs (“I Don’t Think It’s Right” and “Green Electric Glow”) even remind of – and compare favorably to- The Feelies, the best band to come out of New Jersey during the 1980s.  There’s nothing earth shattering, mind-fucking or piss-taking on Everyday is a Sunday Evening, but these boys have their hearts in the right place.  If you like the old Nuggets and Pebbles compilations, I think you’ll at least like the Blackouts a little bit. –Ben Hunter


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