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. Iím not sure how to describe this, but I like it. Itís a bit rough around the edges, which makes sense since itís a demo. The four songs are different enough to hold my attention, but still have a cohesive sound. Itís all fast paced, with plenty of distorted guitars and thumping drums. The credits only list guitar, bass and drums, but somehow theyíre getting a real thick sound. Iím reminded of those mid-70s Queen records where they made a point of putting a note on the sleeve stating that there were no synthesizers, but youíd swear there were when you listened to it. Black Tongue doesnít sound anything like Queen, but they are getting some very electronic sorts of sounds out of their guitars. The result reminds me of drinking schnapps, for some reason. There is one instrumental track, which would usually be a complete turnoff for me; and while I do wish it didnít last seven minutes and twenty-seven seconds, the amateurishness of it keeps it appealing. Again, I donít know what to call it, but I like it. - Brian Mosher



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