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THE BAGS- Mount Rockmore (Oaf Records) What do you do after you win tons of local and national acclaim in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s? If you’re in the Bags, you split up suddenly and take a 12-year break. Then you come back with a new disc in 2004 (Sharpen Your Sticks) and now, in the Year of Our Lord 2007, you rocket launch a bunch of your latest shit into the fan and heartily spray us with Mount Rockmore. I have to admit that I was a slight bit confused after first listen. It seemed like this had to be a total Spinal Tap tribute, but the songs actually rock more genuinely than I’d expect from something that’s at times so silly. But tracks like “Tick Panic,” “Saddle Up Your Ass,” and “That’s Right (He Died),” which is definitely one of my favorites on this CD, rip along so nicely that they come across as much more than just shtick, and this makes them much more fun (and funny) than your standard novelty song. The Bags could’ve easily fallen into the aging Allston Rock Scenester stereotype at this point in their existence, but instead they knock the fuckin’ teeth out of this image before it has time to settle in. These muthafuckas still got chops, and it makes me elated that this disc has absolutely no chance of being mistaken for Shit Sandwich. –Ben Hunter




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