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- Born a Bad Seed (Site) When I reviewed Bad Lieutenants’ first release, Every Time I Come Around, I heard a slew of musical genres that absolutely smacked the snot out of me. This time around, Born a Bad Seed continues the snot beating, but the music is petal to the metal hard rock fueled by Brian McCaffery’s vocals and Javier Canales’ tough as fuck guitar. Though it’s probably not his hardest played here, I dare you to fight the bobbing of your head, and possible air guitar for the exuberant ones, to Javier’s opening riff in “Cocktease.” Now, I am not sure exactly what Bad Lieutenant Brian is singing, but I am sure it all revolves around the “born a bad seed” theme because key words revolve around being what most perceive as bad (or rebellious if you’re sensitive). The opening arse kicking “Super Trooper” details a run in with the Massachusetts State Police and if that high speed chase reached the same high levels of speed as the song, someone sure got into a lot of trouble! I’ve me no idea what’s going on with “My Burning Anxiety,” but Jim’s drumming and Jerry’s bass playing team up for some tweaked out action akin to more than a few sniffs of powder up the nose of an already tweaked out coke whore. In fact, that rhythm tandem is more prevalent throughout than I first realized. My only bitch concerning this CD is its length; six songs is too short and but a tease. You will use the ol’ repeat button on your ancient cd player. Drinking Jager Bombs for a kick? Stow the Red Bull, keep the Jager and blast the Bad Lieutenants. We’ll call it a Jager Lou (I’m a mixologist genius). Goddamn Javier, Goddamn! – Denis Sheehan

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