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- Every Time I Come Around (Teenage Heart Records) The only thing crazier than the Bad Lieutenants sound is their whacked history. Primarily made up of former and very different sounding Connecticut bands, The Chinks and Stitch, the Bad ones call both Boston and Connecticut home. Sadly, the driving force behind this band, guitarist Steve Theriault, died in November 2005, but the rest of the gang forges ahead with reckless abandon. The music is an eclectic collection of balls out rock with many influences ranging from punk (most prevalent), arena rock, and even some good ol’ fashioned southern chaw rock. Opening track “Balls Out of Memphis” is a hard hitting rock force with hints of Southern influences similar to the great GoToHells. “Billy Smith” and “Stand Up and Fall” are guitar driven smashes with licks of early Cheap Trick arena style madness, only more rock than arena. “ Little Hitler,” one of my favorites, reminds me of The Misfits circa Legacy of Brutality, i.e. Angle Fuck. On the faster side of things, “Now You Gone N Done It” is insane and is that a hint of Zeppelin style vocals and guitar in there for a few seconds? “Fuckers” and “Waiting on a Lid” sounds like old Dee Dee Ramone tunes; think Warthog type stuff. See what I mean? While the music is loaded with hints of this and hints of that, Bad Lieutenants steamroll over those hints with their own manic rocky/punky/thrashy sound that’ll either have you reaching for a beer, or throwing someone out the window. With song lengths at approx two minutes, the tunes gun along and end leaving you thirsty for more. As the risk of coming across like a cock smooch, Boston’s Brian McCaffrey has been one of my favorite singers since his Stitch daze, so I was glad to hear his return. They have their shyt together on this fifteen song disc and if these guys can keep their shyt together, Bad Lieutenants could have a pretty good run for the foreseeable future. – Denis Sheehan

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