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- Chopstick Bridge (Side One Dummy) I had heard good things about this disc, and I was really looking forward to hearing it.  It starts off with a kick of drums and distorted guitars, followed by guttural vocals screaming a pro-America diatribe called “Armbands and Braids”.  But it’s all downhill from there.  A few songs have the kind of power and passion you get from better street punk, and I get the impression that there’s some really good stuff underneath the guitar-heavy mix, but I can’t quite hear it.  The best moments are when lead guitarist Amy Griffin steps up to take the lead vocal duties, and I think that a cleaner production would show that she’s a terrific guitarist, as well.  Both she and bassist/lead vocalist Joe Gittleman are veterans of multiple Boston bands, with plenty of credibility and chops.  I just think they need to clean up the sound a little, to reflect the fact that they are a trio, instead of the virtual guitar orchestra this sounds like. - Brian Mosher 



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