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(Side One Dummy) Boy, this band is like a who’s who of the Boston music scene. Fronted by Mighty Mighty Bosstone bassist Joe Gittleman, AOT is also made up of former Darkbuster guitarist Paul Delano, Raging Teens’ guitarist Amy Griffin, and Spring Heeled Jack drummer Dave Karcich (who sadly died of a brain aneurysm on April 5, 2002). I wouldn’t classify the music as punk rock, but it definitely doesn’t fall into the plain ol’ rock category. The music, for the most part, is pretty quick and the lyrics are down right deep on the emotional scale. I will admit, I listened to this disc once and, although I liked it, wasn’t terribly impressed. However, I drove around one night just listening to it over and over and for some reason, it really hit me. This is a great disc. The first song, “Yakisoba,” is a great tune to start things off, but “Lean on Sheena” is by far my favorite song here. It will only take one listen of this song to get “..better yet, don’t forget, leave the keys on the tv set..” stuck in your mind for days. What’s best about this AOT is that I can’t even compare them to another band to give you an idea of their sound. They’re actually unique sounding. Imagine that…- Denis Sheehan  



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