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- Whole Life Crisis (Chunksaah) When I was around 7 years old, someone set my apartment building on fire.  Luckily for everyone there, my mom smelled smoke and rousted everyone out before anyone could get hurt.  Later I heard her tell people that the police thought it was arson.  Never having heard that word, I thought she was actually saying the police suspected “our son” and it scared the shit out of me…The Arsons don’t scare the shit out of me.  They don’t sicken me or make me feel dirty, either.  But after this review, they certainly may not like me.  The singer has a cool voice.  Think a positive blending of Kevin Seconds and Rodney Anonymous.  The music on Whole Life Crisis is generally melodic (though definitely not wimp-odic), decent but ultimately unexciting punk rock.  High points here include the infectious mid-tempo head-bopper “Down,” along with the very cool, sort of anthemic ending stanzas of “Panasonic.”  “Sweet Electricity” also kinda gets me going, but there really aren’t enough moments like these on the rest of the disc to make me want to listen to the damn thing ever again. –Ben Hunter


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