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- The Terror State (Fat Wreck) Anti-Flag is a true political punk band. It makes no attempt to hide behind melodic vocals or soothing instrumentals like many of today’s punk bands, and there is no mistaking the band’s agenda. Every inclusion on “The Terror State” contains a forceful political message directed at the contemporary state of American politics. In fact, in the CD jacket the lyrics of each song are explained and resources for further information are provided. Anti-Flag, unlike most bands, does not seem to be making music for music’s sake, but rather as a means of eliciting societal change. Some political activists give speeches, some write manifestos, and Anti-Flag makes brilliant albums that speak very easily to today’s youth culture.
     With this release, Anti-Flag retains its signature pounding sound, defined by throbbing guitars and coarse vocals, but takes it to the next level. The song “Mind the G.A.T.T.” opens with a clip of one President Bush’s speeches discussing the WTO, which ties the song to what is happening today. Anti-Flag is not singing about general political issues, or those of times past, but instead is providing political commentary on what is happening right now.
     Fat Wreck should drop of a few of these by the Oval Office; Anti-Flag makes some dead-on points in this album that are certainly more persuasive than any anti-war protest because this music is much more aurally interesting than teenagers shouting “No War!” -Emily Zemler



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