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ANGELA DAVIS- The Prison Industrial Complex (Alternative Tentacles) Even though recorded May 5, 1997, Ms. Davis’ 54 minute lecture is still valid because the topic of her discussion and beliefs have only grown worse since 1997. Ms. Davis talks about how the United States prison population has exploded over the past ten years, even though the crime rate has dropped dramatically. She also points out how Black Americans, poor Americans, immigrants, and other minorities are the ones most subject to prison life as opposed to the ones committing corporate and environmental crimes. Also discussed is what Ms. Davis believes should happen to those imprisoned. She believes that the imprisoned should be rehabilitated and not punished. However, she doesn’t mention what she thinks should happen to those who wish not to be or can not be rehabilitated. Ms. Davis also takes a little time to bash Nike for it’s use of sweat shops around the world. Although I totally understand where Ms. Davis is coming from and why she is so concerned, I strongly disagree with about 50% of what she says here. But this review is about her, not me, so I will refrain from bogging you down with what I think. Angela Davis makes a good argument for her beliefs and whether or not you agree with her, this is an interesting and thought provoking spoken word disc. – Denis Sheehan


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