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- You Name It, We Hate It! (Government Music, Band Site) This is the best goddamn 35-song disc I’ve ever heard, and the more I listen to it, the more I like it.  I was initially going to complain that while this is one hell of a release, they really didn’t need to give us 27 cuts, followed by 8 alternate demo versions of some of the preceding 27.  Then I went on the band’s web site and found out that they’ve broken up and have simply put everything they’d ever recorded onto one disc.  Having done the exact same thing myself just before my own band broke up, I now understand.  And when I found out that these guys had called it quits, even after only listening to You Name It, We Hate It! 3 or 4 times all the way through, it really made me sad.  These kids (and I call ‘em kids because they look young- especially the band member who was drawn instead of photographed- and the CD artwork looks kid-like) really were something special.  They play incredibly energetic punk rock, but it’s a very musically creative punk rock as well.  They have a great male/female tag-team vocal approach, which, when combined with their unique musical chops, sort of reminds me of the first couple albums the legendary Pixies put out.  That said, I don’t mean that Ambition Mission sounds all that much like the Pixies, but in originality and explosiveness, they definitely hold their own.  I sort of wish they had included a lyric sheet because from what I can occasionally decipher, they have cool words on top of everything else.  Favorite songs here include the opener, “When Babies Attack” (like Stink-era Replacements with a sloppy second helping of extra balls), “Letter to the Dirtballs” (tour de force highlighted by Annie’s sweetly menacing threat of “Look at me one more time like that and I will smash your face in.”), “Mystery Nights” (a hypnotic, melodic basher), “The Amerikan in Me” (Avengers cover that blasts the fuck outta shit) and “Something Rotten” (I’m running out of adjectives, but this one rules too).  It’s truly a shame that Ambition Mission is no more. –Ben Hunter

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