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ALL- Problematic (Epitaph) These veterans of the punk rock scene are back with more of their signature brand of high energy punk rock that is sure to get your lazy arse moving. All doesn’t fool around. It’s like getting smashed in the face with a 2x4 when you listen to their music. Fast, loud, full of energy, melodic, and simply catchy. These guys aren’t afraid to say (or sing) what they think about something, as exhibited in “Crucifiction” This tune highlights the hypocrisy found in religion and religious people. All also has a sense of humor as you’ll hear in “She Broke My Dick.” Ouch! Hate when that happens. However, my favorite here is “Better Than That” with it’s great opening and catchy hooks. In my opinion, Chad Price is one of the coolest sounding singers around and this cd only solidifies my thoughts. Stephen Egerton will never be confused with any other guitarist due to his unique sound and style. How about Karl Alvarez, a bass player who actually writes great songs! Don’t get that often.  And even though I do not like drummer Bill Stevenson, (he rudely and needlessly plowed me over from behind between bands at an All show a few years ago) you have to admire the fact that this guy has seen a lot during his years in All, Black Flag, and The Descendants. He’s also a great drummer. Become one with All, you’ll be happy you did. – Denis Sheehan


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