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- As The Eternal Cowboy (Fat Wreck) This is earnest as all freakin’ get out.  Passionate as a muthafucka, too. Musically, Against Me! is frenzied and catchy most of the time, and half the time the singer sounds like the guy from the Dropkick Murphys.  If you’re thinking “so far, so good,” so was I.  After I pulled out the lyric sheet, I liked them even more.   The first song on As The Eternal Cowboy, “T.S.R. (This Shit Rules),” is a dead-on snapshot of somebody suddenly realizing that it’s quite a good fuckin’ thing to be alive.  Intelligent and sung with real feeling, it sets the tone for the entire 11-song disc.  Another one I like is “You Look Like I Need A Drink,” a frantic romp that somehow makes regret seem like an emotion you should look forward to.  The last song is called “Cavalier Eternal.”  It’s an upbeat, folksy head-bopper about the good that comes from ending a bad relationship.  It’s a fine finish to a fine release.  –Ben Hunter



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