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THE ACROBRATS- Go Down Swinging (Susspool Records) Bands tend to gravitate to other bands that are good and fun and cool and great to play shows with. They become like brother bands, if you will. I think I would’ve felt this way about The Acrobrats had they been around when my band was slogging away on the scene. It’s debatable whether they would’ve felt the same way about us, but for the sake of this review I’ll pretend that this would’ve been the case. Go Down Swinging is an eight-song trip (only eight songs because they didn’t have enough money to record more) through the wilds of ripping, melodic, fist-shakin’ punk rock. The seven originals make me want to gleefully bitch-slap somebody in time with their rhythms. So does the cover of The Primitives’ “Crash.” (And I love the fact that they dug out this late ‘80s gem and made it their own. How about taking a shot at “Way Behind Me” next, guys?). Lyrically, the songs consistently take aim at people who seem to have some serious character flaws, kind of like a mean-spirited psychiatrist tearing into a chronically fucked up patient. Ah, tough love- a sure sign of spring. –Ben Hunter



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