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- Hair Trigger (Site). Long time readers of this mighty zine, Askew Reviews, may already know that we (Ben Hunter and I) are fans of The Acro-Brats due to our past CD reviews (find them yerself). When I received this new release, available in 7” colored vinyl and digital download formats, I tore through the songs several times over out of pure enjoyment and excitement, not for reviewing purposes. Hair Trigger pulled me from my job. From the Boston area, The Acro-Brats are four guys who also play in other bands…in fact, singer/guitarist Chris Brat is a part of three bands reviewed in issue #15. Easiest way to label this music is to throw the Punk word at it and try to compare this band to others, but the music runs deeper than just punk. Of course, punk screams here, but the “rocking” chords and hooks ring a bit trashy-not to be confused with thrashy- too. The composition of the songs are near perfect for immerging yourself to the point of forgetting what you had planned to do next. The stuff is catchy without being pussy. “Hair Trigger” (the opening cut) is just over two minutes long and doesn’t let up for a single second! This tune could easily make it onto someone’s Best of Boston mix. The vinyl includes four songs, while the download stuff includes five; the four plus a great cover of Bowie’s “Rebel, Rebel.” Find a away to wrap your grubby ears around this stuff. –Denis Sheehan


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