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- Kicking & Screaming (Band Site) To me, the most important song on a band’s cd is the first one. The first song must set the tone and attitude of the cd. The first song must inject the band’s attitude into the listener’s ear and make him/her want more, much like heroin into an addict’s vein. Well music fan, The Acro-Brats hit the nail right on the ol’ head with their opening cut, “Payback.” Not only does “Payback” inject itself into your ear and make you want more, it grabs you by the throat and throws you across the room. The thrashy punk guitar insanely competes with the beautifully noisy bass and drums (courtesy of Brothers Sussman- Daniel and Eliahu), while singer/guitarist Christian Wissmuller taunts you with his “get the fuck out of my way” vocals. Hey, how many fingers does one need to make the guitar sound like it does in “Sink?” I also love Declan MacManus’ (who’s he?) “No Action.” Although I really like every one of the eleven songs here, I think at least three of them could be destined for Boston Rock greatness. Hearing this kind of thrashy punk makes me wish The Rat (formally in Kenmore Sq Boston) was till around; The Acro-Brats are the perfect band to play in the cellar (The Acro-Rats, if you will). – Denis Sheehan


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