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- Road Trip to Oblivion (Kommy Elektra)  As I first glanced at the cover of this record two things popped into my mind: 1.) This looks like a B-movie poster for “Back to the Future: Apocalypse,” as there is a skeleton with a machine gun hitchhiking and a stripper dancing on a pole. 2.) “I wonder if this is going to be a metal album,” well I didn’t quite expect what I thought or what I hoped for to say the least. Sounding like a cheesy 80’s cover band, Abattoir 3000 is based on Kent Messer’s novel “Road Trip to Oblivion.” Lyrically, the songs are structured around the novel based on growing up in the Cold War era and the music at that time. The lyrics and sound of the band did not appeal to me at all, I am usually a war junkie, but I found nothing insightful or refreshing from this band. The inside cd jacket is presented with the “history” of Abattoir 3000, after reading half of the story, I concluded that this band is A.) a bunch of horny, middle-aged men with mullets who attempt to be funny telling a story of a made-up “rockstar” and his exploits (of debauchery) and the “rise” of Abattoir 3000  B.) They think that their music is actually good. After listening to this horrific cd, I promptly threw it in the trash. Roughly 30 minutes of my time was wasted listening to this cd and I hope I never will hear it again. Save your money folks because this one needs to be buried. –Mike Blanks

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