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A LITTLE REVOLUTION- What Is Your Purpose On The Planet (24/7 Rock) I want to preface this review by saying I truly wanted to like this disc before I listened to it.  These guys are from Kentucky, and aside from the legendary Nine Pound Hammer, I haven’t heard too many bands from that neck of the woods.  My dad’s family is originally from there as well, so I was hoping to be able to show some love to my KY brethren.  But after about 15 seconds into the first song, “Choking On The Whiff,” I felt like I never wanted to hear their trippy, jammy, retro-rockin’ Living Colour-ish Kentucky asses again (for the record, I did listen to the entire 11-song CD).  Yes, this threesome can really play their instruments, but this style of music just sort of makes me feel sick.  Sorry, fellas. –Ben Hunter



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