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THE SPOILERS Ė Under the Knife (Site) Itís not that I have anything against female vocals in punk music, but Iím always a little weary that they wonít be able to pack the punch and make a great delivery. Donít ask me why (Iím really not sure myself), but itís the truth. So, needless to say, I didnít have the highest of hopes when I received this disc. Well, the first track got me interested. The second got me wanting more. By the third, I was hooked. And if Iím being honest, I liked it. A lot. Chrissyís in-your-face vocals (Yes, she does pack the punch), Kevoís infectious basslines; there isnít a thing that I can find wrong with this CD. It delivered, and big time. With some good olí fashioned punk rock with the occasional hint of ska influence, this CD is worth giving a listen to, and I personally canít wait to hear more from this Boston-based band. Ė Bryana Robinson

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