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- The Messiah (Crustacean Records) This the first release in a new age of music-- 26 debut 'The Messiah' is the beginning of a new dawn. Over the decades of modern music, there have always been those bands that have heralded a new sound upon the ears of listeners, giving birth to what becomes an entirely new genre of music, this is one of those bands.
     I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given the artist's former band 'The Crucifucks' released 2 of the greatest 1980s hardcore albums ever made! Hopefully by now, every self respecting revolutionary has heard 'The Crucifucks' classics like "Democracy Spawns Bad Taste" and "Hinkley Had a Vision".
     Ever since the first time I heard 'The Crucifucks' I was hooked! They were angry-- so angry, with a distinct sound, better than expected guitar playing, and lyrics that burned a hole right through my brain. 
     For hardcore bands of the mid to late 1980s, 'The Crucifucks' were one of the best! The odd thing about 'The Crucifucks' was that they never toured, I always hoped and waited, but they never came 'round, and then after their second record, ' Wisconsin ' was released they were gone - Gone for something like 10 years! 
     I was happy enough when in 1992, they combined the first and second albums onto one CD, called 'Our Will Be Done' (It's still available from Alternative Tentacles), and then in '96 there was a third release 'L.D. Eye.'
     Finally, in the late 1990s they toured-- I couldn't believe when I heard 'The Crucifucks' were playing in town-- I dragged my ragged old ass all the way across town to see them-- and even 15 years later it was a dream come true! I stood in awe as their songs came to life on stage, and then as singer Doc Corbin Dart, wielded his guitar overhead like a samari sword before diving into the audience to beat a guy insistent on testing the singer's patience -- the guitar won. Then, laying a finger on the side of his nose they were gone in flash.
     Now there is '26', the sea has parted, the trees have reached up onto their toes, the animals are rejoicing because '26' is finally here to set things straight! The singer and driving force behind 'The Crucifucks' has changed his name from Doc Corbin Dart to "26" -- yeah, that's right, the number twenty-six. It's mystical, okay? FU if you don't understand!
     Doc Corbin Darts, aka 26, is a prophet and a mystic. He is one with the animals and does not like the human race so much. He is broken, he has been betrayed, he has been beaten down, and he has. In real life, he has been sued and jailed repeatedly for doing nothing more than standing up for his own human rights, he is a true revolutionary! Through this persecution he grew alienated from the human race, turning to mysticism and nature, he has cultivated his own mythology; he has formulated the answers of life and unlocked the keys to the truth. Developing a stream of consciousness only a true master could ever articulate.
     The music, especially the guitar work, is complex and multileveled. Dually, the guitar is rough and raw, somewhere between classic western and the earliest incarnation of punk rock. The music itself goes as far out as the spaciest psychedelic rock of the early 1970s, and is as tightly wound as that of Buddy Holly's golden oldies. 
     The lyrics are mind blowing, zooming at the listener like shooting stars of mystical knowledge, pure anger, and hopeless despair. Songs are odes to executed killer Eileen Woronos, occult scholar Helena Blavatsky who taught Aleister Crowley, and there is of course The Bunster, but he isn't for me to speak of. Lyrics like "Infantcide/ The love supreme/ A life denied/ The World Redeemed", and "Someone has always got to pay, when you're in denial it all makes sense." show anger is here, and a dangerously dark wit.
    The song "Oblivious" is a perfect sample of this release, and can be downloaded from the Crustacean Records website.
     "Oblivious" is godspeak, it is masterful, it is a masterpiece, it is perfection! 
     Don't wait any longer, get this CD!- Amy Bugbee



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