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Adult Movies
Reviews may contain naughty language/pictures
(FR)= Female Reviewer

Sex on 42nd Street- three grindhousers from 1973/74.  
Club Satan: The Witches Sabbath- Devil stuff and sex. Refinements in Love- 1971 grindhouse wacky documentary.
42nd Street Forever: XXX-Treme Special Edition- 46 trailers of old porn. Midnight Blue: Porn Stars of the 70's- old school NY cable tv show.
Butt Pirates of the Caribbean- Seymore Butts action. Ass Good Ass It Gets- Seymore, again.
Kinky Sex- Simon Wolf brand. Cracked- Seymore Butts release.
War of the Girls- Seymore Butts and Co. Cousin Stevies Pussy party 11: Ho' Down - includes best DVD extra, ever.
Her First Anal Sex, Backseat Bangers 3, Bang Boat- three separate DVDs   Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party 10: Wet-n-Wild- yikes!
I Did Her My Way- Seymore Butts "Best Of" Midnight Blue: Deep Throat Edition- collection of interviews with cast/crew members of Deep Throat.
Telling Tales- Sunrise Adams XXX Nasty Art: Sexual Strokes- porn and Irvin Bomb's artwork collide.
Bettie Page Collection- Three DVD set featuring the 1950's top pin up queen. The Beast- 1975 erotica/weird fairy tale (old review includes re-release info)
Vintage Erotica Anno 1950- old porn XXX Factor- Stephanie Swift
Maria Beatty Fetish Films; The Black Glove & The Elegant Spanking- (FR) Two fetish shorts. Family Business: The Complete First Season. Reality TV show starring Adam Glasser, aka Seymore Butts, and his family.
Sin Sisters- Misty & Chelsea Mundae Hellcats in High Heels Vol. 1-3- Justice Howard erotica
Emanuelle in America- 1976 Joe D'Amato Lustful Addiction- 1969 Nick Philips/2002 remake.
Vintage Erotica Anno 1940- old porn Quiet Days in Clichy- 1970, newly released Henry Miller story.
Centerspread Girls- 1982 XXX Vampire Strangler- Misty Mundae's only "adult" movie
Kinky Ladies of Bourbon St. (FR) 1975 XXX IKU- Japanese Sci-fi Porn
Fiona On Fire-(FR) 1977 XXX. Silk Stocking Strangler- Misty Mundae
Forced Entry- 1972 roughie XXX. Necro Slut- not an adult movie, but a bit dicey for the regular video section
Hardgore- 1973 XXX/gore. The Kissing Game- (FR) 1999 XXX
Rape of an American Slut-1972 roughie XXX Bride of the Double Feature- (FR) 2000 XXX
Sex Wish-1974 extreme rough XXX Morgan Sex Project- (FR) 2000 XXX.
Punk Rock- 1971 XXX Essentially Dee..and Julie Too- (FR) 2000 XXX
Gums- 1976 Jaws parody 1999 XXX
Rasputin- 1973 French XXX Pleasures of a Woman- 1972 Nick Philips/2003 remake.
They Call Her One Eye- 1972 Swiss XXX revenge
Christina Lindburg. Askew Fav!
Asian softcore/no sex
Yoko's Secret Diary/Intimate Desires/Summer Heat  

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