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(Shock-o-Rama) aka Violent Shit III. Horror. Total disc time 200 minutes. “The Meister,” a hideous looking fiend, is the leader of a barbaric tribe of murders who are hell bent on world domination. Not only does he have his loyal followers to carry out his orders, his top scientist is developing a plan to use dead soldiers as zombified killing machines. Ah yes, all is not well for The Meister as a team of shipwreck victims and masked ninja’s try to throw a monkey wrench in the gears of his plan.
If you’re into nasty ass gore, then this flic is for you. However, there are no other redeeming qualities found here (is nasty ass gore a redeeming quality?).  You won’t even believe how badly dubbed this movie is; the English dialog is not even close to the actor’s lip movement. The gore on the other hand is downright nasty, creative as all get out, sick, and will surely be offensive to all you sensitive types. My questions are, where the hell did the ninjas come from and why all the film stock switching? Too funny. Andreas Schnaas, the infamous German gore director, gives us this latest gorefest. Fans of his Violent Shit I and II will dig Zombie Doom. The DVD extras include; Zombie 90 (one of Schnass’ earlier works with more of the same twisted gore), and some trailers. – Denis Sheehan



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