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(Blue Underground) 1979.  Horror. 92 minutes. Not Rated.  After her fatherís boat returns to America without him, Anne (Tisa Farrow) goes on a journey to the island of Matul , located in the Antilles .  Accompanied by Peter (Ian McCulloch), a journalist, Anne tries to locate the whereabouts of her father.  What they donít know is that a disease has been spreading on the island of Matul , which has caused the locals to turn into zombies.  Upon arrival to the island, they soon realize that something strange is afoot. 
Being a big fan of zombie movies, I was delighted when I opened my mail and saw this movie waiting for me.  And after watching it, I was not disappointed.  In my short and illustrious reviewing career, this is by far the best movie Iíve reviewed.  Thereís not one bad thing I can write about Zombie.  Well, if I really wanted to nitpick, I could mention that at times, the voice track didnít match up with the actorsí lips, but who cares.  This movie is fantastic.  Not only are the makeup and special effects exceptional, but Zombie includes some of the greatest kills I have ever laid my eyes on.  And even better, where else can you see a zombie go one on one with a shark?  Thatís right, a zombie vs. a shark.  I had to watch that scene a few times before it sunk in.  I should also mention that the acting is above average, and the plot moves along at a good speed.  DVD extras include a Bio of Director Lucio Fulci, still galleries, and trailers.  Look for the hidden feature; 30 minutes of Lucio Fulci trailers!  Did I fail to mention the shark and zombie?  Note: Zombie is sometimes referred to as Zombie 2, hence Zombie 2 is not the sequel to Zombie, but the same movie. - C Clark



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